Partial List of Sales & Commissions

Bohemian Club
member and portrait painter for
Bohemian Club for 30 years

Mr. Roone Arledge
Former President, ABC Television

Mr. Bing Crosby
Offical NCGA Portrait

Mr. Gordon D. Davies
Headmaster, RLS School

Mr. Paul L. Davis
President, FMC Corporation

Miss Doris Day
Carmel Valley, California

Father Lawrence H. Farrell
Monterey's Public Priest

Mr. Gerald Ford
United States President

Ambassador Ashraf Ghorbal
Egyptian Embassy, Washington, DC

Mr. & Mrs. Stefan Hatos
Television Producer, Beverly Hills

Mr. Bob Hope
Official NCGA Portrait

Mr. & Mrs. John Hurd
Ambassador to South Africa

Mr. & Mrs. B.K. Johnson
San Antonio, Texas

Mr. Darius Keaton
Charter Oil Company

Edmund W. Littlefield
Businessman & Civic Leader

Lodge at Pebble Beach
Eight paintings

Lodge at Spanish Bay
Three paintings

Sheikh Abdullah Omar Mahdi
Saudi Arabia

Mr. Clarence Mayhew
Architect and Actor

Mr. George Meany
Washington, DC

Mr. William G. Meese
President, Detroit Edison Company

Monterey Peninsula Country Club
Five paintings

Mr. Suliman S. Olayan
President, Olayan Corporation

Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Palmer
Professional Golfer

Mr. & Mrs. George Shultz
Former Secretary of State, Washington, DC

Mr. Al Sindi
Arabian Airlines

Snowbird Ski Resort, Utah
Five paintings

Mr. Melvin Sosnic
Sosnic Permanent Collection

Mr. George Stoll
Director of Music, MGM Studios

Mr. Vernon Taylor
Director, Imperial Oil Company

Mr. Frank Work
Monterey Museum Collection

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